- e A r t h e n   f o r m s -

Theodora Chorafas

My work is essentially a life practice.

As I practice, a sort of dance happens between clay and myself: clay yields the imprints of my becoming while still obeying its own laws and physical limits. By searching the limits of clay I define my own. By shaping clay I give shape to my being as if it were the extension of my own body.

The more I evolve in this practice, the more I give myself the freedom to let things happen. I plan less and less so as to be more present in the here and now, and become a channel.

I often feel as a novice in ceramics, in spite of my 40 years of practice, for I like to search for new possibilities within this endless, magical world of ceramics, alchemy and transformation.

I hardly use any other tools than my own hands and I focus on low fire techniques, keeping in tune with greek tradition since ancient times, and for ecological reasons as well - high fired ceramics need twice as much fuel to mature.

I feel thankful to have found the medium of clay, basically earth, for it grounds me and gives form to the ever-fluctuating state of my being.