Lenia Economou


My work is divided into two parts - the first has to do with painting, the second with small useful decorative objects made of wood.
The last 3-4 years I've been painting on paper with pencils and crayons. The main theme of my work changes every 4-5 years.
My recent work is related to Dreams and the ways they are suppressed.

Through complex and condensed shapes that unfold into a succession of worlds I try to express the multiple experiences of the human psyche, the influences that shape the soul, the way those influences have a  repressive impact upon us prohibiting our dreams and goals from being realised.

Buying an artwork is often prohibitively expensive today. To make my work more accessible I started to construct small decorative-useful paintings at a reduced price but not with a reduced artistic and expressive power that would allow my art to reach more people.

My themes are have to do with nature, trees - water- flowers, decorative motifs, mandala as well as small landscapes in dreamworlds.The colors are primary, bright and clear. A liberating way of expression that allows me to return to my childhood and play with imaginary worlds painted on wooden forms.

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