Ilias Christopoulos


"Molding dreams"

I started pottery at the age of 13 and was spellbound, as I got acquainted with clay. I was impressed by the possibilities of the material and its relation to fire. My teacher used to say that, as easy as it looks, it is hard to define. 

Throughout the years of attending to this art form, I went through many and various stages, in my efforts to get to know the material, but also myself, who I am and what I want.

I express myself through simple, plain forms, avoiding embellishments and bold colours. I like to combine in my works different types of clay, in terms of colour and texture, and different surfaces; some are clean and quiet, others engraved with a certain rhythm.

All these elements create a whole, they coexist, they converse.

All the above are expressed through works of art, utilitarian objects and ceramics out of primitive kilns, rooted in other civilisations.

And the journey continues ...

- e A r t h e n   f o r m s -