- e A r t h e n   f o r m s -

George Vavatsis

I encountered the art of ceramic in 1996. Two things lead me to the completion of my studies, studying exclusively at the Cheltenham & Gloucester C.H.E. ceramics studio in England. The wheel and the truthful nature of clay as a material. Even now, in my studio in Thessaloniki, those are the two values that drive me, as an artist working with clay on a daily basis.

The wheel is present in all my works. It is an action reflecting a way of life, an everyday act, vital for the very existence of my ceramic creations. As a concept, ceramics bear the oxymoron of the coexistence of freedom and strict rules. The principals of my work are based on that characteristic.  My goal is wandering, experimenting and the pleasure of creating. Whether as an object or a composition, my objects can be traced back or categorized as utilitarian. In that I discover enough simplicity and richness for my work.

Techniques provide a favorable area for experimentation and innovation. Raku, Saggar, reduction firing, oxidation firing, woodfiring, are all at hand for achieving this goal. The technique and the material are often more important than the work itself. For that reason so many of my ceramic works tend to be more like drafts than completed objects. And they could remain drafts, since the pleasure of creating them is already sufficient.