Keramikon is the initiative of Angeliki Kounenidaki, who wanted to create an artistic dialogue between Greek and Quebec ceramic artists.   

A theatre artist herself, Angeliki, having lived in Montreal since 2012, had long been an admirer of modern ceramic art and wished to create a cultural bridge between Quebec and Greece by disseminating this unique art form.

Deeply rooted in both cultures, ceramic art finds its contemporary expression in harmonious, delicate and graceful shapes, as well as unusual displays of colour.   Its abstract, minimalist forms, at times playful, at times surprisingly fluid, reveal a fascinating strength while expressing the organic relationship between the creators and their material.

The works created by our ceramic artists, whether they are everyday objects or decorative pieces, are exclusive, quality products, crafted and finished by hand. Each piece is unique, with its own personality, and expresses the inexhaustible imagination of its maker.

We invite you to visit our collection and discover the evocative power and originality of these exceptional creations.

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